ALL - A Loadbalancing Library

About the Library

ALL is a library to provide several loadbalancing schemes usable within domain decomposition based simulation codes, e.g. particle-based simulations or grid-based solvers for hydrodynamics.

The library is developed by the Simulation Laboratory Molecular Systems of the Juelich Supercomputing Centre (JSC), Research Centre Juelich (Forschungszentrum J├╝lich GmbH) in Germany.

The main focus is to offer a selection of load-balancing solutions that can be included into existing codes in order to improve the scaling behavior, especially on large-scale process configurations.

The library is available for free here. If you use it in your research or in your production code, please cite our website: Bibtex.


You can find the documentation of the library here: Documentation, which provides an overview about how to build the library and how to include it into your own code. Also you can find the documentation of the provided functions and a description of our example codes provided with the library. The internal documentation intended for developers of the library itself can be found here.


In the Videos section you find some videos showcasing different methods provided by the library.